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Enfold used innovative manufacturing techniques and equipment to create specialty bread bags and other custom retail packaging for baked goods. Compass360 developed their initial branding – naming, logo and identity design, positioning, and creation of business cards, stationery, and promotional materials.

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A good name is often both distinctive and obvious. Enfold means “to wrap up” but also “to hug or embrace,” just right for a company focussing on packaging that treats baked goods with care. We used clean emphatic type for the Enfold logo, adding a turned-over corner to the “n” in recognition of the product offering.

The perfect cropping of the edge-toedge wordmark on stationery gave a nod to Enfold's precision manufacturing, a factor that differentiated them from their competitors.

The Enfold brand won several honours – from Advertising & Design Club of Canada, DesignEdge Regional Design Awards, and Applied Arts magazine.