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Pitura Husson approached Compass360 to help them rebrand following the retirement of one of the firm’s principals. Our task was to rename and reposition the firm as one of Ontario’s pre-eminent infrastructure engineering companies. A brand audit revealed that the most straightforward approach to a name change was also the correct one: and so Pitura Husson was simplified to Husson. From there we offered a contemporary reinterpretation of their identity to reflect their ongoing work and stature.

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The new logo we designed takes its inspiration from a bird’s-eye view of a development site, but can also be interpreted as a purified representation of roads, pipelines, or elevations. The supporting wordmark establishes balance and also helps to create an ‘H’ from the surrounding negative space.

The “Engineering + Management” positioning line is consistent with the clarity and simplicity of the logo it complements.

We built Husson’s website to be the cornerstone of their communications, highlighting the services they offer and using strong visuals to convey the scope of the projects they’ve worked on. We also developed print communications, proposal formats, and digital communications (including an animated digital greeting card every December) to give their new brand consistency and reach.