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A rebranding initiative is almost always a response to a specific business or communications challenge. In the case of MarketWire, the challenge was to represent the enhanced range of product offerings that resulted from the merger of Marketwire and Sysomos. After the merger, the new MarketWire was both a traditional wire service and a social media business intelligence platform. We wanted the logo to imply the story of the merger… the coming together of two kinds of media expertise and two formerly separate markets.

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For the new logomark we built a framework of intersecting lines, a stylized interpretation of the letters M and W. It’s an abstracted image of a communications matrix, in which two distinct coloured triangles combine to form an entirely new shape, with the overlap representing the pure idea of synergy.

We applied the new brand to a wide variety of MarketWire’s collateral, and created a 30-second animation as a brand teaser for the launch.