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Every business has its own rhythm, and so does every brand. Zeidler Partnership is an architectural firm with an international profile. As founder Eberhard Zeidler began to reduce his hands-on managerial involvement, other long-time partners were stepping into that role. The firm wanted a freshened identity to support this important transition.

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Naming was a key part of the challenge. The firm had considered moving to a new acronym-style name, possibly ZRPA. We were concerned about the dilution of valuable brand equity. Instead, we recommended simplifying to a single word: Zeidler.

Returning to a pure name pays tribute to the firm’s founder and his legacy.

We applied the same ethos of understated simplicity to the new identity. The design uses a refined colour palette and carefully crafted typography as a complement to dynamic images of Zeidler’s architecture.

The new brand is applied consistently throughout the firm’s eight international offices. - documents from Beijing share the same look and feel as those from Toronto. We created an extensive proposal system following the same principles. This makes collaboration among offices simpler and establishes a unified brand across Zeidler’s multiple projects.