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All start-ups face the same challenge – the need to demonstrate expertise and credibility right out of the gate. Generex was a biotechnology company with a novel approach to the management of diabetes. Throughout the lengthy process of research and clinical trials, the company needed to explain the basis of its approach in a clear and compelling manner, with the message supported via a sophisticated brand that conveyed the idea of medical innovation.

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Generex was developing a proprietary insulin solution and inhaler that would eliminate the need for injections, making diabetes management needle-free and pain-free. We accordingly used a restrained typography and palette for the identity, and we designed a logo that feels organic, particularly when animated.

We launched the new Generex brand primarily through an investor’s package that included an explanatory brochure and a brief video featuring custom animations of the company’s proprietary biotechnology.

Subsequently we developed the Generex website, condensing complex research results into effective topline messaging for potential pharma sector partners and investors.