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It’s common for a successful company to outgrow its original brand – and that’s exactly what happened in the case of Geo. A Kelson Company Limited. Founded in 1944 as a small, independent mechanical contracting business, today Kelson is one of the largest and most respected mechanical contractors in Ontario, working on hospitals, industrial facilities, art galleries, and a wide variety of other demanding projects. Its logo had served the company well, but was out of sync with the advanced capabilities Kelson offers today. It was time for a change.

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Kelson’s leadership team provided extensive background on the company’s operations and its core commitment to exemplary work and the highest possible standards of quality. We drew on these briefings, as well as interviews with external stakeholders, when creating their new brand identity.

A qualitative audit revealed that most of the brand equity vested in the single word “Kelson,” which therefore became the central element of the new brand. The raised circle is a cross-section of pipe in its simplest form and also suggests wholeness – the comprehensiveness of Kelson’s service. It’s the graphic equivalent of Kelson’s new positioning line: Exactitude.

Branding is the pursuit of a pure idea that resonates with meaning.

We applied Kelson’s new identity to their print collateral, safety gear, vehicle wraps, and a variety of signage.

The new website we built for Kelson highlights their core values and capabilities and showcases the impressive range of their projects.

Our custom back-end functions as a real-time database that holds key details of every project and directly feeds the front-end of the site. It’s a powerful tool for generating RFP submissions, but at the same time is simple enough that non-technical staff can use and maintain it.